Tatu Bearcroft

Nutritional Therapist 

As a child in Thailand I used to join my mother on her yoga mat, I seemed to think she was a climbing frame and likely she didn’t get quite as much out of the practice as I did on those days. Many years later I began my own practice in my early twenties in 2006, exploring my body and mind and the effects of the asana and pranayama which eventually lead me to study a 200hr YTT with Bridget Woods Kramer at Triyoga London. Long before the training I worked as a retreat chef with Adventure Yogi and Stretching the City with numbers anywhere for eight to 55, I came to this through my studies in Nutritional therapy at one of London’s leading Complementary and Alternative medicine institutes; CNM.

My life and interests are all interwoven and focus on the theme of wellbeing, finding health through nutrition, movement and mind. For each of us we can step into a feeling of wellbeing from different perspectives and angle depending on the individual and current circumstances, from creating delicious and nurturing yoga retreat menus to nutrition and food preparation workshops, yoga and movement sessions to exploring the mind and its chemical drivers I am enjoying finding different paths to access the feeling of health for individuals.

Vegetarian Retreat Chef

 I currently work in London and a Registered Nutritional Therapist and speaker and private Nutritional Chef, my clients include everyone from royal families to low income earners in my local community. When I am not working, you might find me scaling walls at The Castle Climbing centre, at a theatre show or an exhibition, attending a seminar about nutrition of health science, visiting my family in East Africa or maybe drinking tea and sewing/drawing/reading.

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