Meet the Team

The Retreat Club team have been carefully chosen for their abundant passion for what they do, their in-depth knowledge and their ability to share what they love in a kind, accessible and enjoyable way. Each team member brings something special to the retreats they look after and we're confident that you will love them all.


Polly loves sharing her passion for yoga with everyone and offers and kind, yoga for all approach.


 Patricia's desire is to encourage others to experience the healing power of breath, movement and mediation which uncovers the deep layers of the self to initiate change, growth, satisfaction and faith in their abilities.


Yoga is for everyone. You don't have to be bendy, fit or strong to come to class.


Pippa strives to incorporate a therapeutic element to her sessions by encouraging exploration and favouring the body and our feeling channel over a shape or pose. Her classes are open-level, spacious and intuitive.

The Foodies



Ceri lovingly prepares all her meals using nutritious whole foods and making the most of our seasons.



My life and interests are all interwoven and focus on the theme of wellbeing, finding health through nutrition, movement, and mind.



My mission in life is to kindle an innate love for good food that supports good health most of the time.

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